Clean After Eating or Drinking

If you really want to know how to have white teeth, then you need to follow all of these steps that we will show you. The first thing which is the most important one is to clean your teeth every time that you eat or drink something. Simple as that, you need nothing else, just to brush your teeth every time you eat or drink and floss them at least twice per day to clean your gums also. When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, there isn’t a huge difference, you can get whichever you want. Your teeth will become white from regularly cleaning and not from the type of toothpaste you are using. Of course, there is some toothpaste that is offering more whiteness, but those results are not permanent.

Choosing a toothpaste

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

If you want to get to some more advanced levels of teeth whitening other than brushing, then you definitely need to try out using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You can use hydrogen peroxide with water to rinse out your mouth, this is extremely good to clean all the bacteria from your gums. if you want a mouth that is free of germs, this is the way to go, just mix it with regular water and swish it in your mouth for at least a minute, don’t swallow it.

This might not give you more whiteness, but it will cleanse your mouth that is for sure, if you want white teeth, then mix hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda and try to create a toothpaste to brush your teeth with. We recommend that you first brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste and then apply this baking soda mixture to already cleaned teeth in order to gain the best results. If you do this regularly, you can start seeing some improvements with your teeth in just a few weeks. You need to remember that all of these results are not permanent, and you always have to keep maintaining your teeth no matter how beautiful they look. In case you forget about them, they will start to go bad really fast.

Lemon and Orange Peels

Some people say that lemons and orange peels can have a beneficial effect on your teeth. The reason why this can be possible is that both of these things contain all kinds of beneficial addicts that can actually whiten your teeth. As you might know, eating them is also healthy because it benefits your digestion by regulating the stomach acids that you have. That high acid level can and will clean up your teeth and give them the white look that you are looking for.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You have most likely heard about cosmetic dentistry, it can create all kinds of miracles to your teeth and one of them is to whiten them significantly. There isn’t another way to whiten your teeth that will give you results well as this one that will stay for quite some time.